Contract Manufacturing

When you decide to outsource your manufacturing to another company, you need someone who has wide experience to turn your plans into reality. Bombay Lifestyle Co. provides flexible contract manufacturing services that fits around your specific wholesale requirements.
Outsourcing your contract manufacturing to Bombay Lifestyle gives you freedom and security to expand your business whilst benefiting from industry leading expertise, service, and guaranteed levels of quality.
  • Quality no matter what quantity
  • A Confidential production partner
  • Flexible; well equipped factories and facilities
  • Industry leading services

Secure and Confidential Outsourcing or In-house Production

When you choose Bombay Lifestyle  to take care of your manufacturing needs, we understand that your ideas and your products always belong to you. That is why we routinely enter into non-disclosure contracts with customers to protect their ideas, processes, and products.We are a wholesale Import and Export company with 35 years of expertise. Whether you want to manufacture the products locally or import a product; we will be with you at every step.

Industry Leading Customer Service

As part of our contract manufacturing services, we take pride in supplying first class customer service before, during, and after your transaction.

  • At point of enquiry, our knowledgeable and friendly technical sales team will listen to your requirements to build up a picture of what you need.
  • We're on-hand to support you during the development and processing of your product, and will be happy to adapt our facility to fit your needs.